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After Umbrage aims to provide idyllic holiday accommodation in some of the more scenic areas of rural Britain so that those who take care of loved ones with a terminal illness may have the break away that they truly deserve.


After Umbrage is a charity dedicated to providing free, short breaks for anyone who has been looking after terminally ill family members or loved ones. The pressure associated with caring can be overwhelming. 


After Umbrage provides a chance for carers to take a little well-needed (and well-deserved) time for themselves, to relax and unwind in idyllic surroundings. Often this is just what they need to be able to return to their caring duties rejuvenated.


Luxury Escapes Bath offers up all empty spaces in our beautiful houses for Carers to come and stay for up to 4 nights free of charge.


If you know of anyone who would benefit from a break away from their role as a Carer then please download this form and return it to After Umbrage so that, together, we can help you.


To find out more about After Umbrage please visit:

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